Our Services


Accommodation in our resort is of a high standard and unlike most Goan hotels, the construction of our residency & resort ensures pleasant views which makes you comfortable.

At our Resort we have:

  • 12 multi colored wooden cottage with double beds (where the beds are separable according to the requirements)
  • 3 Family Cottage with one double and single bed.
  • Beautiful done up Ensuite toilets.
  • Veranda to sit our and relax with plenty of sunshine.
  • The furniture and decore are matching compare to any star rated standards.
  • Double beds with clean under and upper white sheets along with traditional colorful duvets.
  • Clean and fresh towels provided.
  • Toiletry, Masquito Coils/Repellant is provided in all the rooms.
  • “YOGA” Place to practice meditation and yoga.